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Meet Our CEO Dr. Antoinette Hamidian

Dr. Hamidian earned the B.S. Degree in Communication Disorders from Marywood University and the M.S. degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Bloomsburg University. She has also earned the Psy. D. Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has experience in providing speech and language services to persons with communication disorders, and she is a practitioner in the application of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, to treat a wide array of psychological issues in her work with individuals, families and caregivers.   Dr. Hamidian served in the Wayne County Consortium as a Speech Language Pathologist, and treated those with various communication disorders. She continues to consult with consumers in the area of Communication Disorders and now integrates behavioral approaches to improve the social communication, and academic functioning of those seeking help.

New And Exciting Changes Ahead

The Aaron Center

Premier provider of Outpatient Mental Health therapy for adults and children. The Aaron Center has created a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to support and help consumers create a path to emotional wellbeing. The Aaron Center employs the expertise of social service and medical professionals to ensure the best care possible. Our Aaron Center team includes Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Certified Physician Assistant, counselors and therapists and a network of internal and external support professionals to make the treatment and recovery process possible.

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The Aaron Center

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