Bill of Rights

As a client of The Aaron Center, you have the following rights:

1. You have the right to make complaints and to have your complaints heard promptly; it will be reviewed within 48 hours and a decision will be rendered in writing or verbally.

If you have complaints or concerns about your services, you may also contact us.

2. You have a right to practice the religion of your choice or abstain from religious practices.

3. You have the right to keep personal possessions unless it has been determined that the person property is contraband, illegal, or disruptive to the therapeutic setting.

4. You have a right to be part of treatment plan development and a responsibility to tell staff if you do not understand your plan of care.

5. For therapeutic purposes, therapy may include individual closed-door sessions. Parents of children under 14 are expected to be part of the therapeutic process, and there is an open-door policy for participation. For consumers over 14, you have a right not to execute any releases for adult participation.

6. You have a right to have records released, understanding that legal documents may become public records and may be posted online by county officials.

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