Licensed Therapist

Licensed Therapist

March 14, 2022

Premier provider of Outpatient Mental Health therapy for adults and children. We’ve created a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to support and help consumers create a path to emotional wellbeing. The Aaron Center employs the expertise of social service and medical professionals to ensure the best care possible. Our Aaron Center team includes Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Certified Physician Assistant, counselors and therapists and a network of internal and external support professionals to make the treatment and recovery process possible. We provide outpatient therapy, psychological testing and medication management.

The Goal of the licensed therapist is to stabilize, improve or manage level of functioning of patients through treatment, assessment, and coordination of medical and outpatient services.

Therapist provides care for a variety of patients with a variety of needs.

Therapist manages up to 40 appointments per week and maintains a steady caseload.

Responsibilities and Duties


Individual therapy, family therapy, intake evaluations, re-evaluations, treatment plan, progress notes, coordination of care, safety plans


Documenting standards are key to quality services and candidate must be able to correctly and accurately document care on a daily basis.

Qualifications and Skills

Master Degree, PA Licensure

Skill Set:

· Individual Therapy

· Family Therapy

· Evaluation/Assessment

· Service referral

· Coordination of care

· Documentation skills

Fee for service / independent contractor status

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MON – FRI 8:00AM – 6:00PM
SAT 8:00AM – 12:00PM
SUN Closed


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Dickson City, Pennsylvania 18519
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